Thiruvananthapuram: Transport minister A K Saseendran stated that double the amount of normal ticket rate will be charged for the bus service for government employees. The ticket charge is proportionate to the fuel price. This is not applicable for the public. Only 25 persons will be allowed in a bus. The employees will be admitted in the bus only after checking their ID cards, the minister added.

It has been decided to increase bus fare when public transportation is restored. As social distancing has to be maintained, the demand of the bus operators for increasing ticket rate is reasonable, according to the government’s evaluation. The ticket rate hike will be imposed for a certain period of time.

Under the current circumstances, there is a limit for the number of passengers who can travel in a bus when public transportation is allowed. Only 25 passengers can board the bus at a time. This will cause huge loss to both KSRTC and private bus owners.

In normal bus service, seating capacity was 40 and passengers could also travel standing. But as per COVID safety guidelines, this is not allowed. 25 passengers can travel sitting in distant seats only. So, increasing bus fare could be the only solution to overcome losses. As per reports, the government has agreed for increasing bus ticket charge.