THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: KSRTC has opposed the proposal to provide halt for private buses at East Fort. It has also demanded the implementation of the order by the regional transport authority (RTA), which barred parking of private buses at KSRTC bus bays in North bus station and East Fort.

Earlier the traffic police had submitted a proposal to RTA to provide stops for private buses at East Fort.KSRTC authorities said that the directive of the district collector, issued in the meeting of RTA, to prevent the halt of private buses at East Fort is not being followed. The RTA had directed departments concerned to cancel the permits of private buses which refuse to follow the allotted schedules.

“Two weeks have passed since the order was issued in RTA meeting, but the decision is yet to be implemented at East Fort bus station. Still, there is traffic congestion near the north bus stand, as the private buses are being parked on the road. We have CCTV footage of private buses entering the bus stand creating traffic disruption. We will submit the records to traffic police and to RTA as proof that private buses are not following the directive. The proposal for bus stops for private buses will lead to traffic congestion, as 30 to 40 private buses pass through the area every hour. Even KSRTC buses do not have sufficient space to park at East Fort,” said ATO in charge R S Salim Kumar.

 KSRTC officials even placed barriers demarcating the area near the bus stand at East Fort, which has become a bone of contention between the transport corporation and private buses.

Meanwhile, Kerala Bus Transport Association representatives have demanded space at KSRTC bus bays. “We are following the RTA directive and our buses only halt for allotted three minutes at East Fort. It is the barricades placed by KSRTC on the road, which create traffic snarls at East Fort. KSRTC cannot prevent the movement of private buses at East Fort till the high court gives its verdict on the issue,” said Kerala Bus Transport Association district president V Ramamurthy.