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Over 500 buses lying idle in depots resulting in a loss of Rs. 50 lakh a day


The powerlessness of the emergency ridden Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) to uphold eight-hour obligation for the working team is bringing about lingering of more than 500 transports in stops over the State and lost around Rs. 50 lakh in day by day gathering.

This is in the midst of the endeavors of the administration to patch up the twofold obligation framework as a feature of shoring up the income and viable usage of the working team. On July 25, the KSRTC could work just 4,770 out of the 5,168 roadworthy transports from the 6,300-odd armada. Another 586 transports were off the street on the day by virtue of repairs, support, and different reasons.

The procuring per transport (EPB) that worked on Tuesday was Rs. 11,063 and the aggregate income from the armada was Rs. 5.47 crore.

Acquiring per transport

Considering the EPB, the KSRTC endured lost Rs. 43.57 lakh for the 398 transports that were compelled to stay sit out of gear in the warehouses. Month to month, the misfortune caused by the 398 sit transports will come to Rs. 12 crore. On the off chance that the 586 transports that were off the street were considered, the misfortune would twofold.

The KSRTC, which is confronting a month to month income shortfall crevice of Rs. 155 crore and thinking that its hard to pay month to month pay and remittances, benefits, and bills for oil and extra parts, is not ready to run 1,000 transports in the armada.

Affirming that the KSRTC can work just 4,500 transports from the armada, Chairman and Managing Director M.G. Rajamanickam disclosed to The Hindu that the powerlessness to uphold the eight-hour obligation move for drivers and conductors was the fundamental purpose behind such a variety of transports staying inactive.

According to the standard of 1.67 team for a KSRTC transport on a solitary obligation design, the vehicle utility needs just 9,000 group for working 4,500 transports.

At exhibit, there are 15,611 drivers, including empanelled ones, and 16,393 conductors.

In this manner, the administration is of the view that more than 7,000 group are in abundance. Contrasted with the national normal of 5.5 work force for each transport, the KSRTC has a normal of 8.5 staff for every transport.


The Sushil Khanna Commission named by the administration for recovery of the KSRTC, in its underlying report, prescribed that the 8.7 worker for every transport ought to be brought down to 5.5 and that the twofold obligation example of the representatives be overhauled.